Ventura Black Widows

Ordering uniform for a women's tackle football team isn't easy. Especially when most uniform manufacturers garment were not designed with a woman football player in mind.

After years of working with other uniform supplies I have dealt with cost mark-ups, late deliveries and even received wrong orders. I was happy to have located Defend Her Sports.

I am very pleased with the overall selection, style, performance and fit of defend Her Sportswear provides for the Ventura Black Widows women's tackle football team. Defend Her Sports is made for women by women.

El Paso Seminols

We, The El Paso Seminoles, have partnered with Debi Mohl- Mills to fulfill all our apparel needs. We have been with Debi since last season. We can say that she has excellent customer service. Last season she did the impossible by fulfilling our 48 home and 48 away uniforms in two weeks. From the start, she insured our owner Gregory Hollinger that all our apparel needs will be met in a timely and efficient manner. Since then we have reached heights that most NFL and College teams are meeting. We broke the barrier this year by changing our uniform style to the Gridiron pattern, which is mostly worn by the NFL and College level. She manufactured our new look which was designed by our own Graphic Designer Raydel Casas. She is an excellent business woman that we will recommend to any team that is in need of uniforms or any other apparel. We also we like to inform all our fans, supporters, players, staff, sponsors, and partners that she will be also manufacturing our fan jerseys this year also. On behalf of our organization and team we want to thank Debi for all the hard work and great customer service that she has done for us. Thank you Debi. We are grateful to be in business with you. Below are our last year's black uniforms and this years uniforms that were manufactured by Deb M. Mills

Garrick Jones

Having played professional football for over 10 years, and now commissioning my own developmental league, I can say I know a thing or two about jerseys. The quality of the Defender Sportz jerseys and pants are top notch! They remind me of the quality I wore when I played in the NFL and CFL. Top that off with excellent customer service you can't go wrong. Worth every penny!

Rivercity Thunder

As we update our website we are going to recognize the amazing businesses that have helped us to this point so far.
Up first... Debi Mohl- Mills and Defender Sports have been amazing to work with. If I come up with an idea in the middle of the night almost every time I pass it on to
her I get immediate feedback. Debi and her team have delivered amazing service and I look forward to our continued partnership.

Thank you Debi for your support.