DEFEND HER SPORTS/DEFENDER SPORTZ, established in 1996 as an independent company, is a survivor of our family-run company founded in 1930.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to work side-by-side with my grandfather, father, brother, sister and 600 of the most talented people who ever worked in apparel manufacturing. We spent every holiday and birthday together. We truly were one family, albiet a BIG one.

I literally grew up my families, what came to be our 73 year old, made in the USA, manufacturing facility in the heart of South Philly.

During the 28 years I worked there, I learned every aspect of the company, including manufacturing, design, product development, distributing, customer relations and sales.

And I began at a very early age. I started by playing hide and seek among the fabric rolls. I also poly bagged and packaged the athletic accessories, modeled (as seen to your right), answered phones, and filed paperwork. As I grew older and got more involved, I traveled to New York’s garment district to select new fabrications, designed many of our best selling styles, managed the photo shoots for our catalog and ran a successful sales group of over 54 Independent Sales Reps. It’s safe to say I learned to do every job there!

I attended the Philadelphia College of Art and finished my education at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Sciences. It is through these outstanding learning facilities that I was able to develop the company’s most advanced quality control department. My patent and trademark on our exclusive protective pads were worn by every NFL, CFL, Arena and Collegiate football player.
We manufactured for every top label in our Country.

In 1988,I renamed our Reed Street line to the Defend Her Sports label specifically for women and used the Defender name for Men’s. We became a national label and were carried in every Mass Merchandiser’ store in the United States.

Our parent company was dissolved in 2003 but my love for what I did never died. When you order your uniforms and other apparel or equipment from Defend Her Sports/Defender Sportz, you get the highest quality AND Phenomenal service. As company owner, I manage each and every order myself.